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Infinite Digital Management, LLC is a branding and digital marketing agency dedicated to helping businesses across industries achieve growth. We partner with our clients to help them develop a unique brand identity, reach and expand their target audience through strategic digital marketing, and monitor their business growth through powerful analytics. Whether you're a new business looking to break ground in digital marketing, or an established brand looking to take your business to the next level, Infinite Digital Management has the services and expertise your business needs to not only survive, but to thrive in the digital age.   


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Xeara Clarke

Co-Founder & Chief Creative Director

Xeara is a millennial visionary who established Infinite Digital Management to help business owners create and sustain generational wealth by thriving in their industries. After discovering the connection between the lack of business ownership and growth, as well as the generational cycle of poverty within her community, she felt determined to make a difference. While struggling to get her own first business off the ground, Xeara learned of the importance of digital marketing and made it her mission to develop the marketing expertise she needed to grow her business. She then realized that digital marketing is the medium through which she could help other businesses thrive, igniting the idea for Infinite Digital Management. Xeara oversees the creative direction of client accounts for the agency.

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Alaysia Williams

Co-Founder & Chief Strategist

While she pursued a career in health care, Alaysia never gave up on her love for and creativity in graphic design. She often worked on freelance projects to help small businesses attain the brand assets they needed to attract customers and grow their business. This experience enlightened her to the fact that business growth can be significantly stunted by a lack of resources and investment in professional marketing. Sharing Xeara's vision of advancing business growth in her community and beyond, Alaysia combined her expertise in graphic and web design with Xeara's social media and digital marketing expertise to create a full-service branding and digital marketing model. As Chief Strategist, Alaysia oversees the development and execution of digital marketing strategy for clients across industries. 

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